How to enhance your User Experience

You can attract more users to your site and more importantly by improving their user experience. 2020 is all about user experience.

Rich snippets

You want to have rich snippets of your business appear in the search engine result pages. (SERP’s)

Compelling titles

Use keywords in your titles that you competition isn’t using.

Writing amazing meta descriptions that people wanna click through and read.

Explore schema markups

They help your listing stand out. Schema markup is code that your developer can put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

Use Hello Bar

To get people to opt in your list and receive new blog posts.

Use Subscribers

For push notifications and new blog posts.

Leverage social channels

Like Chatbox / Mini Chat / Mobile Monkey.

They all bring people back to you site. It is important to bring people back to your site on a regular basis as the more time that people enjoy their time on your website, the more brand exposure your receive.

Adopt an omni-channel approach


+ Paid advertising will place your business immediately at the top of search engines where you have the opportunity of attracting new targeted customers to make use of the products and services offered by your business.

+ Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can amplify your online exposure by you attracting more and more followers of your business developments.

+ Content Marketing

And remember The Rule of 7 (There is a science behind people seeing your brand 7 times before they trust your brand enough to buy from you) will help you build your brand.

Follow these guidelines and start thinking about how your online presence can enhance the user experience for your customers.

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