Tools to rank on Google

Tools to rank on Google

Google Search Console / Google Webmaster Tools

Take the title tag of that page and the meta description and make sure you include the key word and optimize that title tag to be more appealing.

Get ideas on how to make your title tags more appealing by looking at magazine covers. Create your own headline to get more clicks.

Evoke curiosity with your title tags. For example, The 7 benefits of green tea. Number 5 is gonna shock you.

It will evokes curiosity to find out what number 5 is.

And you get a click from a user.


Go plug you keywords from webmaster tools and plug them into ubersuggest – keyword ideas.

This will show you all the long tail variations of that keyword.

Now integrate many of these keywords into your site content in a way that it all makes sense.

Google will take about 30 days to pick up on this.

Look at SD. The higher the number, the harder it is to rank for these long tail keywords

Yoast SEO plugin

Make your website mobile compatible – Go to Websiteresponsivetest

Google Trends

Google have moved to brand signals / Google wants to rank branded sites higher than non-branded sites.

This will show you how your brand is doing compared to competitor brands.

You will start to rank higher in Google Trends when you actively do content marketing, SEO marketing & Social Media Marketing.

You want to be part of the “rule of seven” where – people see your brand 7 times and then they want to buy from you (a good level of trust has been built)

Google Page Speed Insights

Keywords Everywhere

This will show you how many people are actually searching for the terms in the space that you are operating.

These are just a few tools to help you rank on Google.

Find out more about the importance of website content.

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