Steps to Link Building

Steps to Link Building

Steps to Link Building

Required tools for link building

Gmail account – Create a generic gmail address because this address will collect spam from all your outreach efforts.

Mailshake – This tool lets you do automated bulk email outreaching. $59 or $99 per month as is really great as you can setup campaigns for clients. You want to setup your first email, and note that, what is the most important is your follow up/s email/s that you setup in Mailshake. This is usually where you get your desired results as you pursue different strategies.

Ahrefs – This is the SEO industry traditional Back linking tool. DR is scored out of 100 and the higher the DR score, the more powerful the website. You can also see how many organic keywords a website ranks for very easily, amount traffic they get. The combination of decent traffic + organic keywords + a goof DR gives you a solid impression of the status of any website and a good potential link. The broken links tab is also very important tool in ahrefs

SEMrush – An alternative to ahrefs

Citations (Directories)

Citations are your first pot of call when it comers to link building. Go to SEO Builder and pay to get a certain number of listings on various directories. Ensure your directories are a combination of geographical directories as well as industry niche directories, as well as some generic business directories. This is a good way to building your base of links in order for Google to start giving your site some authority and building better trust. What is great about SEO Builder is that they will spin your description and send that to an indexing tool, In other words, your site description will get indexed in many different ways on these directories, which is very good. Oh yes, make sure that your street addresses are in full and are consistently the same across all citation listings. Take the FREE ones only. Pay the $60 or $110 and let SEO Builder do it all for you and save a lot of time.

Broken Link Building

One way is to use ahrefs to do broken link building. In other words, you are going about to find 404 errors on other websites.

Go to a website, for example “Your Competition”

Then scroll down to Outgoing Links on ahrefs. And then go to the broken links tab. Go over to the right hand side and see a few 404 not found broken links.

If you now click on Site Exporter at the top of ahrefs and then go to Referring domains on ahrefs, put in the URL of that broken link, you will now find many more websites that also link out to that same broken link. This is your wonderful list of opportunities for you to reach out to all these companies and tell them about the broken link, and suggest to them a better resource (for example, you client URL top quality content article blog)

Turning Brand Mentions into Links

You can use Google to setup an alert for your brand and every time there is a mention of you brand, you will be alerted.

There is also a tool called Brand Mentions where you can sign up at a price.

You can also set this up in SEMrush. Use the brand monitoring tool.

Ahrefs content explorer where you can highlight only “unlinked mentions” of your brand, and find and check all the websites that mention your brand but are not linking. Now you reach out to these people, and inform them that they mentioned your brand on that specific page, and now request them to add in a link to a specific page your choice. Then you take your list of URL’s that mention your brand, run it through and then send a generic Mailshake campaign out. Eg. You mentioned our brand here, please is there anyway to can add our hyper-link to our website.

Competitor analysis

The next step after citations and broken link building is to identify what the competition is doing. In this case you want to use s a tool called SEMrush with ahrefs tied in too. On SEMrush got to backlink analysis and put in the domain name of your competitor and see referring domain names. You can also see the same on ahrefs section called referring domains. See high DR scores to find the authoritative links that are relevant to your industry.

The hard part now is.. How do people get these links? Some ways could be that your did a podcast with that link partner, or perhaps did an event together or you may have worked together in the past. Or you put out a great article. But most of the time, if you simply email out to these people with really high ranking websites, they will simply ignore you. You have to dig deeper with these tools – SEMrush + ahrefs. Go and find the source link from where that backlink is coming from and go and try to identify what people had to do to get that link. Perhaps you offered some sort of course and other sites put in a link to your course that is a really good course.

You need to identify and then re-engineer why that link because a link, and establish how you can get a link too. It is not always about doing outreach. Think about pitching yourself to go on a podcats and on a webinar. Further steps to link building includes

Setting up a basic outreach campaign with Mailshake

You will need Mailshake and (which is free limited)

Now that you have done your competitive analysis and you have a decent list of targets, you are now going to set up an outreach campaign. Mailshake allows you to setup a bunch of different campaigns. Go to New Campaign and call it say “a date campaign” and click next. Now import you CSV files of the targeted emails that you have captured or manually put them in. At the same time you want to have hunter.ion open to check if their are other emails that you can gather. Essentially on you can out in different searches of your choice and helps you a lot to collect the correct email addresses you are seeking. Or you can also buy targeted email lists. You then want to upload you list into Mailshake.

Now you are going to compose your email. You want to tailor your email to the niche you are reaching out to. And do it in a away that stands out from the crowd in some quirky kind of ways.

So now you compose the email in MailShake, then before you go to preview options and send, first complete your follow up (at a later date) email. This is because most people will probably ignore your first email. This will be your follow up sequence and you can decide to send the follow up in 3, 5, 7 days as you want. You want to do your research and make your email as accurate and engaging as possible. You want to try and hook your recipient from the first sentences, add personalization, add value, possibly use humor and make it easy to reply. Remember that the follow up sequence is where you are going to get the best conversions. It really is all about the “follow up sequence”.

If you like, you can select your pre-built MailShake email template and customize to suit yourself.

The most imprtant aspect is that you are reaching out to the right targeted types of people. will really help you to get good solid emails.

The above are low cost options.

A tool called PitchBox is more expensive and will find all your emails for you. But for a small amount of outreach, go with the above suggestions.

People may very well reply with a fee. Normally this would cost $40 – $50 for a link placement, or you could offer them free content or a link in return. Just make sure everything is clear in your first email and in other follow up sequence. Also look at the Mailshake blog post for great suggestions and strategies. You need to start getting the links that your competition have that you don’t, and that is going to start from doing some generic outreach. Continue your steps to link building with

Paid link building vs Free link building

Almost all of the time, some type of transaction takes place in order to get a link. This could be on the form of cash, or getting a link in return or some free content. This cost should be openly discussed with on agreement, the cost be passed on to the client. Essentially, you just want to build the right type of links.

Niche relevant paid guest posts

Go to peopleperhour and type in guest posts to find paid guest posts …. your industry…. and cut out the middle man. And also look around for better prices by searching through Google. But what guest posts do is, they boost your online authority. Take the best ones you possibly can, in order to build you baseline of trust. This cost should be openly discussed with on agreement, the cost be passed on to the client.

Niche Edits

Niche edits are another way to build links to your website. People place your link on an old article that is relevant to your niche. You can Google “niche edits” to see various companies who offer these services such as Rhino Rank and Fat Joe who are all selling niche edits. This is worthwhile thing to do in terms of your link building. You can also go to Get Me Links. Niche edits is not a guest post because you are not adding in new content. It simply gets slipped into an old article. Niche edits can work very well. You can also use SEO Automation to automate this process of niche edits. A low cost solution that will vary your link profile.

Pointing your links

You can point to your link to your home page as well as to your top pages such as product specific pages and your best blog posts. Use your Analytics to find your best pages. Mix up your anchor text as an exact or partial match. Mix up your website across all your top level pages is great.

Power up your Guest Posts

You want build a tiered link building structure. You want to leverage off your current links and power up your links. You want to build the pages (eg. Guest post pages) that already have links pointing to your money website. This is known as tier 2 link building. You may want to buy some PR links, some citations, and do some link laundering. You may use niche edits. You may use sponsored posts. You may want to use SEO automated tools like SEO Auto Pilot and Ranker X. If anything would get penalized, it would be the guest post. You want to avoid risk to you main website. That is why you always hide behind your guest posts and your citations.

Google Alerts

Go to Google Alerts.

  1. Type in your domain name without the www or the https part at the top.
  2. Then click on the “Show Options” link next to the “Create Alert” button.
  3. How often – at most once a day
  4. Sources – Blogs, Web
  5. Language – English (or the language you are targeting)
  6. Region – any region
  7. How many – all results
  8. Deliver to – Your email address
  9. And then click Create Alert.

For all your two-word phrases put quotation marks around them.

Now that you have alerts set up, it is time to get links.

Keep in mind that when you get an alert email, someone could have already linked to you. So, not every alert will be a link building opportunity, but many will be. Typically, more than half will be opportunities. Depending on the alert type, some will be easier than others. So, let’s go over how to convert each opportunity into a link.

You’ll find that a good portion of the mentions of your domain will contain a link back to your site. For those, you don’t have to do anything as you’ve already got a link.

For the ones that aren’t linking to you, send the following email to the webmaster…

Subject: Did you make a mistake?

Hey [insert first name],

First off, I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning [insert your domain] in this article [insert a link to the URL that mentions your domain].

I know you are busy so I will just cut to the chase.

Would you mind hotlinking my domain to my website? I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but that extra traffic really helps small companies like mine.


[insert your name]

PS: Let me know if I can do anything for you.

When it comes to brand names, you have a 50/50 chance. Roughly half the people will link to you when they mention your brand and the other half won’t.

For the ones that didn’t, send them this email:

Subject: You forgot to do this

Hey [insert first name],

I’m flattered.

Thank you for mentioning [insert your brand name] in your article on [insert the title of their article].

[insert the URL of their article]

You really made my day with that.

Again, thank you!

I feel bad doing this because you already mentioned us, but it would mean the world to me if you also linked our name to our site.

Would you mind doing that?

Sorry to bug you.

[insert your name]

PS: Let me know if I can do anything for you.

With product names, usually 70% to 80% of the websites will be linking back to you and the rest not. For the ones that don’t, send them an email similar to this:

Subject: Did you mean to do this?

Hey [insert their first name],

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate that you mentioned [insert your brand name] here [insert the URL of the webpage that mentions your product].

Seriously, thank you!

Now, I feel bad doing this, but would you mind hotlinking [insert your product name] to this page on our website where people can find the product [insert the URL on your site that covers the product]?

Sorry to bug you.

And again, thank you for mentioning us. It really means a lot.

[insert your name]

PS: Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Now go to Ubersuggest backlinks and type in your competitors URL.

These are all of the websites linking to your competition. What’s interesting about this list is that it is sorted by ranking. The results at the top have more authority, in which they typically boost SEO rankings more than the ones at the bottom of the list.

You’ll want to go through the list, click on each site, and see if it makes sense to reach out to that website and ask them to link to you.

Typically, if you have similar content to your competition that is more thorough, it’s possible to convince someone to link to you. You’ll have to send them emails like the one below…

Hey [insert their first name],

Question for you…

How do you think it makes you look to your readers when you link to another site that doesn’t really help them?

It kind of makes you look bad and maybe even lose a little bit of trust with your readers, right?

In this article [insert the URL on their site], you link out to [insert the competition’s URL].

The article you are linking to doesn’t cover [insert the areas the competition missed].

I actually have an article [insert your article URL] that covers [insert what you cover that the competition doesn’t and why it benefits readers more].

If you aren’t interested in linking to us no worries. I just know that you care about your readers and you want to do the best for them.


[insert your name]

PS: Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Remember: Just think of your email as a sales pitch and it may not be perfect the first time… so you may have to modify and adjust it.

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