SEO Tool Kit

SEO Tool Kit

SEO Tool Kit

With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, you need to invest time and effort to get results.

Here are a few tools to get you going in the right direction.


Set up Projects in Ubersuggest

It will show your SEO traffic over time and let you know if your rankings are going up or down. You will also be able to see your link growth (very important for rankings) and your SEO issues.

Head over to the Ubersuggest dashboard and click on “Add your First Project”

Add your URL.

Then select the locations you do business in and want traffic from.

Then add in the keywords your currently rank for or want to go after.

And then set up your traffic preferences

You will now be good to go, and Ubersuggest will notify your results ongoing and what to fix. Great!

Google Analytics Alerts

You should have Google Analytics set up on your site, but how often do you log in and check?

And when you do, do you know what to do with your data?

What you really want to do with Google Analytics is doing and getting the results that you want.

So, set up Google Analytics alerts and get notified when things go bad (preferably set alerts for this) on your website and in this way, you will go fix problems immediately.


Trello is a project management tool which will help your streamline your SEO processes.

Set Trello up so that you know what you want to do; What needs to be done now and what needs to be double checked to make sure that they were done right.

You can also set up Trello for content writing which will make things easy for all your content writers, and you can also keep this simple with columns such as Topics; Topic Outline Review; Draft;  Draft review; Prepared; Scheduled; Done

Content Decay Tool

Use the content decay tool by ClickFlow to update your old content. It is much quicker and easier to improve your SEO ranking from old content that is freshened up than immediately getting good rankings from brand new content. You want to updating old content or if it is now irrelevant, then delete that part of your content. Embed some videos and add more pictures or an infographic. Integrate other better keywords that will help you with better SEO rankings. Find any missing loopholes of information that may be missing from your content and add it all in.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Install the Ubersuggest chrome extension and you will now notice monthly searches on the bar when you check for things on Google. This will show you how often that keyword is searched. So, anytime you look for anything in your space, pay attention to that number. Keywords with over 5000 searches are worthwhile using in your content and on your website!

Also, as you scroll through the sites that are ranked at the top for these keywords, you will notice metrics for each site. If you notice a web page with thousands of social shares and hundreds of links, it tells you to that you probably want to go after that keyword term and it also tells you that that is a good benchmark of a page that is high in quality and what people in your space are looking to read.

Now, you want to create something better than that page.

Hello Bar

With SEO, Google prefers content-rich sites. But often content-rich sites do not lead to customer conversion. Hello Bar can fix this.

Use the top bar so that as you scroll, it moves along with you. This will allow to improve your conversion rates from your SEO traffic. So whist SEO traffic does not convert as well as paid traffic, it is much cheaper in the long run. The Hello Bar could literally be responsible for almost 10% of your revenue!


Moz keeps track of all Google’s algorithm updates. If you happen to get a notification on Google Analytics or Ubersuggest Projects that your traffic has fallen, you may well find the reason on Mozcast due to some Google update. This will save you time.


Detailed is a great tool to help you save time when it comes to the laborious task of link building.

Detailed breaks down the best links for every industry. Simply select an industry and a site and it will show you all of the good links that are going to your competition. Then you reach out to those sites in order to get really good links. Obviously, your content needs to really good for them to consider linking to your content.

Site Audit Speed

Your site needs to be fast as Google likes fast websites. You also want to have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Go to Ubersuggest SEO Analyzer and check your site speed. Then get your developer to improve your site speed.


Consider using Google Data Studio as the one place from where to get all your site data. This is a great business intelligence tool and it is FREE. It is awesome as you can automate all your marketing reporting for clients and save you a lot of time.

You Tube

After Google, You Tube is the second most used search engine. Learn how to do You Tube SEO and also install this You Tube Chrome extension.

What is great about You Tube is that it is not competitive and you can rank at the top within a day or two. That is awesome!!

Find out how to ensure a great customer experience.

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