How to do some SEO experiments

SEO experiments

A/B test you headlines and title tags – Use Clickflow.

You can ask questions on your title tags.

Evoke curiosity in your title tags.

Create separate headlines for social media & SEO.

On your social media you can use more shocking terms. On Google for SEO don’t as shocking terms are seen as clickbait. Clickbait gets people upset and that spoils their user experience.

Update your old content. This will all help improve the user experience.

Improving your time on site and your bounce rates and click thru rates..

These things all affect your rankings.

A good solution = Embed useful videos in your site / embed podcast episodes on your page.

Internal linking helps people stay on your site longer.

Slide shows with Powerpoint presentations helps people stay on your site longer.

Engaging with people brings them back to your site.

Load you html files from a CDN – Content Delivery Network – You can use Cloudflare to host your html files.

LSI insertion intent – Optimize for conversions and revenue – use keywords that your target audience / your qualified buyers look for.

Go find long-tail keywords for the industry keywords that you already rank for – See Ubersuggest

Is sorted by volume & CPC data – higher CPC = higher buyer intent.

Update you content and then… Re-submit your content to Google on Webmaster Tools which will increase your page rank within 30 days.

Double down on your video content – You Tube SEO is quicker than Google SE0 + Videos are much more popular than content. Keep pushing it out there.

Video 3:1 Content

So use a few of these SEO experiments and grow your digital footprint.

A useful SEO checklist.

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