Follow this SEO checklist

SEO checklist

Set up essential SEO tools and plugins – Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools); Google Analytics; Use WordPress & install Yoast.

Find keywords that customers search for – Find long-tail keywords with Ubersuggest and Google Suggest; Find keywords with same tools; 

Keyword-optimize your content – Use your keyword in the first 100 words of your content; Use you keyword in the beginning of your title tag; Use short URL’s that include your target keyword… In H1/H2/H3

Find and fix technical SEO issues and errors (see SEO frog) – make sure your site is mobile friendly. (do a Google mobile friendly test)

Identify crawl errors – See coverage report on Webmaster Tools.

Improve your sites page speed – Checkout Google page speed

Create content designed to rank on Google – Use the skyscraper technique

1. Find a piece of popular content in your industry

2. Create something even better

3. Promote that content

Break your content down into chunks – make it easy to read + will lower your bounce rate.

Make sure you cover everything there is to know about your topic.

In your content, use lots if multi-media on your page such as… images. polls, visual content, videos, charts and info graphics.

Double down on content formats that are working best right now – certain content format will attract more backlinks (Note: Why posts, What posts & Infographics get the most backlinks)

Eg. Why software is Eating the World

Build links to your website.

If you serious about ranking on Google, you need backlinks.

How? Use link roundups – These are authorities who recommend articles in an industry space.

Build links using strategic guest posting – How? Publish your guest post on respected sites in your niche.

In other words, only guest post on sites that are going to send me targeted traffic & related to my site.

Go on podcats as a guest Mentioning influencers in your content, then let them know about it. An example in our space would be, for example, Backlinko. (SEO influencer)

So yeah, there’s a little SEO checklist for you.

BONUS: A few advanced SEO checklist tips and strategies

Make sure that every page in your site is awesome.

Delete zombie pages – pages that brings in zero traffic.

Focus your content 100% on quality!!! Even if you only have 8-80 pages.

Remove your zombie pages slowly – delete a handful of your bad ranking pages per week (find you bad ranking pages on your Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools)

To boost your organic click-thru rate, improve your keywords, keyword title tags and meta descriptions.

Ensure they match what a searcher wants to see. In other words, try to think from you users perspective.

And lastly, keep your content up to date.

Find some good link building techniques.

Recommended You Tube channels

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