How to do On Page SEO

On Page SEO

On Page SEO.

If you don’t make the right changes, and adapt your site to Google, you are not going to rank well. 

So, you know that linkable content wins right, because the more people that link to your content, the easier it is for Google to find your content and the higher you get ranked. This comes from other sites linking to you, as well as your own internal links.

Here are some essential elements when it comes to on page SEO

1. Titles – The blue purple text as the top is titles or the title tag. The title tag impacts clicks, so you want to make your titles very appealing.  You do this by putting in your chosen keyword close to the front and then you add a modifier (Is it a guide or a review or an offer etc) towards the end. The green is your URL and the black is the meta description.

2. Headlines – Headlines are really important because they grab you attention to click on the link. That is what you want. The formulas is to use a number or a trigger word (eg. 5 ways to..)  at the beginning then an adjective (easily) followed by your all important keywords related to your site (eg. Sell your home) like a property website and a promise (eg. In 30 days) – 5 Ways To Sell Your Home In 30 days = Your catchy headline.  Without the formula, a boring headline may read.. How To Sell Your House. Your headline is different to the title tag. The headline appears the top of your article page and is what you tell the reader. They will either then read your article or bounce away. The title tag is what you tell Google. So, your headline must be short and sweet and about 6 words. Use numbers. Numbers work! Use interesting adjectives. Try negative words, for example, No / Without / Stop. And make sure that your headline matched the content or you will lose trust with your readers. You also want to be getting social shares for your great headline articles. Also remember that “How to” phrases works really well and numbers works really well, for example, 5 ways to… Also, make sure to have social share plugins on your website that will help people to share your articles on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. Will increase you social media traffic a little.

3, First 100 words on your web page – You want to make sure your fits few paragraphs state very clearly what your article is about and to include you main keywords in a natural manner. Use Ubersuggest to find more popular keywords.

4. Make sure you use internal links – Make your website pages all interlinked together. Google really likes this as it makes it easy for Google to continue crawling your website and index every piece of content. Also remember to use actual appropriate keywords to link to the appropriate pages that pertain to those keywords. It’s also best for the user. This way you are scoring double, because you are optimizing for both Google and the user. In general, have a link every 500 words or so, and do it as is best you think for the user.

5. External links – External links offers credibility and authority to your site and to other (including your competitors) sites. It also tells Google that you are similar to these industry websites, and if some of these same industry competing websites link back to you, then that’s great. Google will rank you appropriately in your industry. Just make sure that you link to reputable sites.

6. URL structure – A URL with about 50 characters is ideal. Keep them short and clean. If you shorten and change URL’s, remember to remove them and 301 redirect your old URL’s to the new one. Also make sure that you are using an SSL certificate. Use hyphen, not under scores in your URL’s. Use lowercase text. Use normal vocabulary characters in your text and try to keep your URL’s at a maximum of 2 folders or 2 URL forward slashes.

7. Readability – Keep your content short, simple sentences and words. Yoast plugin works really well to guide you with sentence length and active voice sentences. Use subheading as well as images, quotes, lists and calls to action.

Images – You want to use images that support the content of your articles. WordPress will generally automatically compress your mages accordingly. Image quality must be great. Preferably create your own images as to using stock photos. Also remember that Google can’t see your images, so you need to use alt tags to describe each image. Try “you brand” followed by “suitable keyword” as your image alt tag. This does also help disabled people, so make an effort to name your images correctly.

Subheadings – Think of subheadings as chapters of a book (Your heading will be the name of the book and is your H1 tag according to Google) Google then calls your subheadings H2 and H3 tags. If you are not sure if you are using them right, go to Ubersuggest and type in your URL, and then on the left navigation, click on site audit and it will analyze your headings and sub headings and tell you what’s wrong also.

Calls to action – Remember the purpose of each of your pages.

Infographics and Quotes – Try to use a lot of infographics and quotes. It just makes your content easier to read.

8. Videos – Yes, videos are very popular these days. You Tube is extremely popular. You can also leverage You Tube SEO and get loads of traffic from You Tube.

9. Related Keywords – When you type in a keyword on Google, Google gives you a number of more options related to this keyword. This is also known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and you want to include a number of these keyword variations into your page as well, because these keywords are also relevant and t is an easy way to get more traffic. You will also see these keywords in bold writing and this gives you a good idea that these are popular used keywords that you also want to have in your titles and headings if you want to do well.

10. Social sharing – On Ubersuggest, whenever you type in a keyword, and you go into the content ideas report (see on the left hand side) it will show you all the popular blogs around the world that have lots of social shares. You want to create content around things that are going to be popular. Now on Ubersuggest, you can see what has already done well, so something similar will do well in the future. As you go down the list, you find stuff that is not that popular and this will also give you a good idea of what you don’t want to write about. Ideally, you want to be writing about content that gets a lot of estimated visits, a lot of backlinks and a lot of social shares.

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