How to start your Link Building process

Link Building

You need links to rank high on organic search results.

You want to get other websites to add your website pages on to their website. In SEO terms, link building is about acquiring new inbound links to a website from external sources.

Think of when you are reading through an article and you see certain words in a different colour, and when you click on that word, you go through to another website.. Well, that is a link.

Link building is really great for improving your brand awareness and also your SEO organic rankings.

Links are based on quality. You want to get quality links. You want to get links that carry more weight on the internet, in a specific industry. So yes, you want to get the right links from the relevant industries that have authority in that industry space. Look, if you have been doing your SEO correctly over time, you will naturally get more links over time, but in the beginning you are going to have to kick start it.

So how do you find quality links?

You can begin by using 2 tools. Ubersuggest (will help you find the links you want) and Mailshake (You can use to get the links).

Also download the Link Building Score Card, fill that out and start working on it.

The key in link building is to get as many sites as possible linking you.

Go to Ubersuggest and click on Backlinks, and type in a URL. Yours or your competitors.

On the top right hand side you will see Do Follow links and No Follow links. Click to see a list and you will see how popular a site is. The more traffic a website delivers, the better and more traffic leads to more sales and more conversions.

Another essential is anchor text. This is the actual word that you click on that links to another website. If you go to Ubersuggest and you look up a link on Top Report or Link Report, it will show you the anchor text, which will vary from your domain to various words. You want that.

Ideally, links in your content are better.

Note also that for a link to show up, it could take about 10 weeks to improve your rankings from a link. Say, 3 to 6 months. Give yourself about 3 months to ramp up your number of links and then another 3 months for your links to really kick in. So, it will take at least about 6 months from the start of your SEO link building efforts. But remember, that after the first 3 months, you do want to continue.

Try not to get too many exact match anchors. You want a whole bunch of different inter-related keywords that are naturally applicable to what you do. Avoid buying links and also avoid reciprocal link building in order to manipulate gains on Google.

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