Link building techniques to improve ranking

Link building techniques

Link roundups – Daily, weekly & monthly blog posts that curate and link to outstanding content.

1. Find link roundups in your industry (Google… You Keyword + Link roundup” / roundup / best of / this week

2. Find a good fit & Pitch your content (email the person who runs the roundup)

Broken link building – This is where you add value to someone’s website.. Then ask for a link

1. Add CHECK MY LINKS to Google Chrome – It is a free google chrome extension that finds broken links on any page

2. Find a site that you want to get a link from (you may already know some, or, just Google some keywords in your industry)

3. Check for broken links – just visit a few pages on the site you want to link to and.. Run the Check My Links check – All the broken links will be revealed

4. Let the site owner know about the broken links AND offer you content as a replacement – with a very personalised email

Build links from podcasts

Create branded strategies and methods – unique method (Create your own unique name in you article eg. The Skyscraper technique / Inbox zero)

Become a source for reporters and bloggers as additional link building techniques – See HARO (like a dating site for public relations) – Takes very long but is very good

1. Register as a source

2. You will get 3 emails daily from reporters requesting articles

3. When you find a fit in your industry – reply with your article

Pre-Outreach – Promoting your post before you release it

1. Find blogs about your industry

2. Send them a message asking / telling them his article plans. Wait for the positive replies

3. Once your article is ready and posted, send all the people who responded to you positively, your link

.EDU resource page link building – Links from edu sites are super powerful – You need to find Edu resource pages

1. Google – site:edu “Your Keyword” / site:edu “Your Keyword” + “Resources”

2. Then see if your content will be a good fit for that page

3. Then email the person who runs this resource page

4. Only about 5% of the edu sites will link to you

5. Good news is… Only one or 2 of these links will make a massive difference to your rankings

The Moving Man Method

1. Find outdated pages, resources or businesses

2. Find sites that link to outdated resources

3. Go to Ubersuggest to find all the links to that page, and email each of them personally, requesting them to change the link to your same industry article

Guestographics – Write guest posts only for quality sites in your niche – How do you find sites to guest post on? Google Images

1. Find someone in your niche who writes a lot of guest posts

2. Grab the URL of the head shot that they use

3. Pop that URL into Google Images

So there you now have a few link building techniques to get you going in the right direction.

Oh yes, try to remember that Links = Same as doing “Follow Ups” in Sales

= Builds trust

= Eventually you get more sales

Therefore… Links are VERY IMPORTANT.

Now find out why SEO is important.

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