Learn how to do Link Building Outreach

Link Building Outreach

It is very important to build relationships with influencers and do link outreach, so that you can get more links. If you are consistent in you link building outreach, you can do well in the long run.

Know that link building is all about CONSISTENT OUTREACH.

Step to link building outreach success

  1. Build relationships – If you can build everlasting relationships by continually engaging with these people, where they can continually post your new content on social media, building you links and driving you traffic. The key to building this relationship is to engage with them through comments, retweeting their stuff, sharing their stuff, talking to them, giving them advice, giving them feedback, picking their brain, just like you would do with a good friend. What you want to do is go out and find 20 Influences in your space. You can find them on social media and begin to engage with them with comments, and also just got o their website and find their email address. You can then use Mailshake and create a link building outreach campaign, and there is a lot of logic in their systems that you can use, which will help to get you positive responses.
  • Promote your Content – This will get you links, get you social shares and help you build an audience. If you are sending out blog posts, try send to you target audience at around 8am on a Monday morning. When you are doing email marketing, you want to be sending out at least 4 emails per month. Also note, that you also want to email your latest posts to your link building relationship people also quite early in the morning around the same time. See example below.

You want to think of link building and outreach as very similar to sales. Over time you will get some responses. A lot of people will ignore you.

Important to remember is that you want to build an outreach list that is relevant to your industry space. You also want your email outreach to have a persuasive (sales like) tone and you want to get your timing right (like say, 8am on a Monday morning for example) and you really want to personalize your emails so that you build genuine relationships. Also keep a record of what emails you have been sending, the quantity, the response rates etc so that you can analyse and continually tweak them over time.

Now, once you up and running, you want to maintain consistency. Remember, we mentioned at the top of this article about the importance of consistency. Just continue ongoing with your slow and steady link building programme over time, because Google will reward you with improved rankings.

Finally, go and sign up with Mailshake or any other mail service provider. Now get some important documents at Neil Patel Training Module 5 lesson 3 and upload the Outreach Templates and when you are ready, end out at least 50 outreach emails per week. Do this consistently for 3 months to start to do well, and then continue same.

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