How to rank better on Google

Below are a few tips on how to rank better on Google.

Update your old content with new words and refresh that page with Webmaster Tools.

Generally, you want to make your website and blog pages about 500 words or more each with high value information that offers a much better user experience.

Assess each and every page through Google Analytics

Look at how much traffic you were getting before the change & how much traffic you are getting afrer the changes.

Look at the bounce rate. You want to see over time that people are spending more time on your site.

Look at the time that users spend on each website page.

Remove excessive or irrelevant ads that may appear on your website.

Don’t create content with automated tools. These tools don’t offer a good user experience. Rather create content that provides the best experience out there, on all the key terms that you want to rank for.

Go to Ubersuggest to the keywords section and find out out about these keywords – and come up with a few variations that is better than all your competitors.

Don’t use many intrusive leads that popup all over your website. Rather save the popups as an exit popup that people see when leaving your page (and not when entering)

Remove irrelevant internal links. You have to do it in a manner that is best for users. Always do what’s best for the user.

Duplicate content is hurting you. You won’t get penalties, but you really do want your site to be full of original content.

Make sure that you are publishing new unique content fairly regularly. Your content must be new and fresh

Also, don’t try to rank for content that’s already been beaten to death.

Remove and disavow links to and from spammy websites. Only link your site to pages that makes sense.

Again, It’s really about providing the best user experience.

Link to something you believe adds to your user experience.

And finally, if you are getting paid for linking, then let the user know.

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