How to do SEO for a small website

How to do SEO for a small website.

1. You need some sort of high quality content and view your content as detailed guides

Go to Ubersuggest and put in each of your competitors URL’s – because this will show you all of their most popular pages + it will show you the (very important) keywords for each of these pages.

You will now know what their top pages are & you will know what pages they are ranking for.

Now look at their top pages and see whether you have covered this content, and what you must do is create a more in-depth version of such content. (the end all be all content that readers will be satisfied)

Make sure your have content thoroughness, custom images, custom graphics.

This will result in your content ranking better than your competitors over time – and this will become evident on your user metrics. (bonce rate will improve, more time on your site – see Analytics)

2. Invest 50% of your time promoting your content

Now go back to Ubersuggest and go thru your competitors top pages again, but now go see all the URL’s that are linking to your competitors pages.

You can now email them and tell them about your great new content, send them your link, and say to them… I noticed you link to XY  & Z article. Mine covers AB & C. If you like it feel free and share.

You will need to send out 50-100-200 of such emails per guide you are writing.

You can do a similar thing with Twitter – Find out who put out posts of your competitors articles, and ask these people to do the same for you – see and put in your competitor article URL.

Now link to each of them on Twitter, and ask them to share you article.

Most people won’t share, but a large portion will share.

So now.. You will get links + social share (excellent)

3. Nurture your community following

Reply to your comments on your articles.

Build that loyalty because you end up getting brand queries, and Google will reward you over time.

You have to care for your community and help them out.

4. Build a network of content promoters

Once you have built a good database of all the people who are willing to promote your content, go back to all these same people every time that you have new content (articles/ guides) you want to promote.

Post a high quality article like.. Once a month or once a week. Your call.

5. Use Ubersuggest backlinks to identify new backlinks opportunities

Always look at your competitors their new links, their lost links, Ubersuggest will show you this in the backlinks report, because their is a very good chance that new links will link to you also.

Your website – Your Articles – It’s all about quality. (not quantity)

And that’s a few tips for you on how to do SEO for a small website.

Get your tools to rank on Google.

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