Getting a new website ranked

Getting a new website ranked.

You need to have 50-100 keywords in your industry on which to to focus on.

You need to have 3-4 words of the keywords on each page, which will assist in improving your keyword density.

However, these keywords that you use must flow well for users.

Remember that the main focus with Google is.. To supply their users with HIGH QUALITY CONTENT.

People usually go to Google looking for an answer to a question. Your page should provide that those answers.

It will usually take about 6 months for your website to see traction in the search engine rankings.

One of the best ways to speed this up is to go for long-tail phrases in your industry as they will convert better than head terms. Long-tail phrases are just longer words to better describe something. For example, the word property. A long-tail keyword may be green eco-friendly property.

Is your site secure?

Is your site fast?

Do you have a sitemap linked to Webmaster Tools?

Is your site mobile friendly?

Do you have authoritative content?

Try to blog new stuff on a regular basis. Once a week should be fine.

Get quality backlinks – from related industry sites. As a similar example, let’s say you are active in the property industry. You may then want to get industry links from other business (usually non-competing) in the property industry.

Get social signals – Social media share.

Have a local Google My Business profile.

Google reviews – IMPORTANT.

These are simply a few key points that will help you get your new website ranked sooner and better.

Do some SEO experiments.

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