Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

You want to create an amazing customer experience, because your customer will keep coming back and also tell all their friends and family and other companies and other people about you.

What are you doing for your customer in order to get such good word of mouth advertising for your company brand of product or service?

If you can figure this out, you can give it to them.

Remember that it is an emotion that ties someone to your brand. You really want to hit people on positive emotional points. You want to go way beyond their expected experience.

What you want to do is plan, design and then execute a series of experiences in at least 5 different steps that wows your customer. Multiple steps will ensure surprise and excitement.

Identifying problems that others aren’t solving, it can change peoples lives and this is one way how you can build a great brand.

What you now want to do is become really consistent with your brand across all the Marketing channels There is a rule of 7 that says that a person will probably only become a customer once they have comes across and seen your brand seven times. This is from when they develop the trust and willingness to try out your brand. SEO and content marketing really is the best and most affordable way to attract these such customers for your company brand.

The bigger your brand gets, the bigger your business gets.

Set yourself a goal for your SEO where your website reaches over a million visitor per month, simply by repeating the fundamentals of SEO over and over again.

Remember to simply:

  1. Super charge your content
  2. Be consistent in publishing new content
  3. Be consistent with your link building

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