Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

With the correct content marketing, you can attract the right type of audience and convert your audience into customers. The important aspect is to understand your reader.

You truly want to understand your customer so that you can target them and generate sales.

The Neil Patel SEO guru guys have created something called the WHIPS (it’s all about page awareness) concept.

1. Window Shopper – This is a person interested in buying something, but it may not be you

2. Help Me – Yes, they are online looking for a solution (And as you have used all the correct keywords, they will find your business online.)

3. Inform Me – They still not sure where to find there solution and they are now searching online

4. Persuade Me – They know about the product or service that they are looking for, and they are now aware of who all is playing in that space (Example, think of when you are looking for a bed to buy)

5. Show Me – This is where they just need a final push with all your benefits, that will help them to make that buying decision.

Approach your content form the angle of “marginal gain”. This means that you consistently need to be doing a lot of little things (right) that eventually add up over time. Go and download the FREE 20/20 rule book at Neil Patel Training under the section called “SEO Unlocked”.

Summary of this rule book is as follows

  1. Put people first
  2. Create content that teaches
  3. Create a conversation
  4. Define your own tone
  5. Write to one person
  6. Use Google voice instead of typing
  7. Use active voice (Yoast SEO helper in WordPress websites will help you a lot here)
  8. Use short paragraph lengths
  9. Use simple words
  10. Always back up your findings with research
  11. Read inspirational writers
  12. Add visual media
  13. Guide your user to their next step +
  14. End your blog post with a conclusion
  15. Start your blog post with a personal story
  16. Publish now and edit later
  17. End your content with a question and reply to every comment made
  18. Promise yourself to start writing your content consistently in a routine manner
  19. Create a solid outline with a “Hook; Opening; Body and a Conclusion”
  20. Let your content rest for a day before you publish as you will often find ways to improve

Okay, now head to Neil Patel Training and download the WHIPS awareness cheat sheet; Your 20/20 rule book and also download the “list post below” and go and create your draft post.

Find out about Content Marketing Commandments.

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