Content Marketing Fundamentals

Content Marketing Fundamentals

Content Marketing produces results. Understand that Google is really able to predict what humans want. Content marketing is about providing quality content consistently to a specific market of your choice. You want to have a process going that is consistent and puts out regular quality content to your audience. With over 1 billion bogs on the web, people are producing quality blogs because they get a positive return on their investments. Content marketing is good for your company brand awareness and many people have adblock installed so you just not going to reach as many people with expensive advertising. Content marketing therefore allows the smaller guys to compete against the bigger corporations. You need to understand your customer’s problems in order to do well with content marketing. What you need to do is find the balance between the keywords you want to have on your site and the content, applicable to b2c and b2b websites.

When it comes to e-commerce you need to understand the customer journey with content marketing. From identifying the potential problem to understanding the customer’s problem, offering suitable solutions, your types of products you want to test the solutions against and also do some comparing of your brand with other brands in the same industry. Look at CrazyEgg to do A/B testing on your products. CrazyEgg will help you to maximise your conversion rates. You really need to know who is your content audience. Who are they? Only once you know who they are, will you be able to get your content right. Find out where your audiences like to hang out and publish suitable content to your target audiences there. What may work well here is guest posting on various blogs or go through commission-based PR companies to get you some press exposure.

Follow this process

How do you find ideas? Which pages do you optimize first? How do you find what is already working? How do you find what your competition is already focused on?

Now is the time to go and grab your keyword ideas that you already created on your worksheet. For newer websites, grab those low volume keywords with under 1000 visits. If your site is more established, grab those higher volume keywords with more authority. Tip: Start with the lower volume keywords.

Your next step is to figure out who you are. What is your image, look & feel? Your content and your keywords must match your image, look & feel, your culture and your brand. You really want to stay “On Brand”

If you have a new website, go to Ubersuggest and put in a competitors name and head over to the keywords tab, you will then see what is working for them and that is a great place to start to help you figure out what is the correct keywords for a good fit. Also look at the top pages report for your competition, because when you click on view all (under estimated visits) it shows you ALL THE KEYWORDS that your competitions website is ranking for!! This is really good as it tells you what keywords to use when you consider replicating content on your own website. You then simply make your content better than your competition. Voila.

Just make sure that these keywords have good volume to drive traffic + high CPC + low SEO difficulty. Those are the keywords that are most likely to convert into sales!

Also look at the content ideas report. If you put in a keyword in your space, it will tell you all the popular blog posts that are already working well in your space based on estimated visits from Google, social shares and even how many other people are linking to them. This will all help tell you what is working and what is not. Another great thing to look at is the keyword ideas report, which will show you all the other keywords you could be going over. Check out the related tab and the comparisons tab for more great keywords you could use in your content. You will also see all the backlinks pointing to a URL. You want to go after these people and see whether they want to link to you as well. What all of this does is it shows you what is already working. You really might as well use what is working for your competition. The backlinks report in Ubersuggest is really great because it shows all you all the backlinks linking to your competition, and so I try to create similar pages, so then I can email all these guys and ask them to link back to my site. This way my website ranking improves with the increase in quality and targeted industry-specific backlinks over time.

You also want to find which channels the content lives within. Head to Ubersuggest, the search for your keyword term. Review which sources are popular. And note them down. You will notice that some of this content may do well on Facebook, whilst other does well on Pinterest. Once you know what types of content does well on what social media, you can then write content according to which specific social platform you want to get maximum value. Its just so much better to promote content that users like on the correct channel.

Also look at the content types that work and look at providing content that your competition has not yet provided yet. Also look at related topics and you can find ideas on the Ubersuggest and look at the related tab within the keyword ideas section. Very important thing to also do is to take advantage of video. Make videos as video is a huge trend now on You Tube and Linked In and Facebook and Instagram.

Also go and see what types of comments and engagement your competition is receiving. If they are great, then you will know that people are loving the content.

Now go and download the ideas title worksheet at Neil Patel Training. Put in your competitor titles, their traffic and their keyword count and their backlink information as this all gives me solid, factual intelligence which will give me ideas my own future content.

Now back to Ubersuggest and type in a keyword that your competitor ranks for, a keyword that you want to rank for. Click on the keyword ideas report and look on the right hand side, who is ranking for it. Then click through to those pages to see what they are doing to make them successful. That recipe is what you need to copy! Do the same for top pages.

Look, you want to do all of this for your own good. Otherwise, you are just going to end up spending a whole lot of time writing content that gets no online traffic.

The intelligence you get from seeing what top pages are working for your competitors is absolutely vital information. You just want to see what they have in their pages, so that you can figure out how to make your pages better. Now go and really dive into your competitors content. What would people like to see that will help them more on this page? Are the product / service costs clear? Are the benefits clear? Are the reviews clear? If not, now you know where you can make your page better. Great!

Also go and download the conquer worksheet on Neil Patel training. This will help you to conquer your competition.

Now go and super charge your content with in depth and highly useful content. You want to use accurate data and state your sources. Use custom images and graphics that makes your content stand out from the crowd and satisfy a need or a want. People got o Google to find solutions to their problems. Give them those solutions. Comprehensively. You also want to educate your reader. Try writing in depth step by step walk throughs when you are busy with your content marketing fundamentals. And back up everything with statistics and data sources. Once you have all these things in place, stick with your content opinion. Don’t allow yourself to second guess and flip flop but rather stick with your viewpoint even if other people do disagree with you. Polarizing topics will make your content more popular and those who agree with you will much more likely share your content, and that is what you want. Do make sure that your facts and data are very well researched though! Site your sources. It gives your credibility.

Remember to use design to really help you out. Also use logos to build trust and authority.

Business is a team sport, so as you grow, you want to work as a team. Trello is a good example of how to outsource to a team. They have researchers, writers and editors, so this allows you to scale.

Just ask them to outline for in Google docs, so that you can check first. A lot of writers also use WordPress and also Grammarly.

And finally, go action a few items by doing the flowing. On Neil Patel Training go and download the ideas title sheet and create 5 target pages to beat. The go and find 3 data sources relevant to your industry. And thirdly, download their examples of super charged content. Once you have done these content marketing fundamentals, you will have developed a good understanding of what types of content to produce and what not to.

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