Content Marketing Commandments

Content Marketing Commandments

Content Marketing Commandments

You really do want to offer your targeted audience great content about your business on your website. You get sales and everyone is happy.

There are many types of content on the web, and you really want to master each one. Different ones are used for different things. Some content is better for selling. Other types of content is better for getting traffic. Some are better for getting backlinks.

A very popular method of providing quality content is Lists. Lists usually offer you a number of ways to do something. You can also provide lists content in a conversational-type of way like by questions and answers which is also very effective as it comes across very natural and one-on-one.

Another content type that is used a lot is called Infographics. They are cost effective and produce excellent Return On Investment (ROI) Just make the infographic is very relevant to your website.

Social Media is another type of content. Video is the most popular now. You can put your video on You Tube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. There is also podcasts where you can supply quality content. There is also webinars that people do, but it is more time consuming.

The greatest form of quality content marketing is through Tools. It is harder to do, but by having interactive tools (like, useful widgets that you have created) within your articles, as they increase the quality of your users experience. An example could be to have a FREE bond calculator tool in your property article. Neil Patel tool called Ubersuggest is another great example of such a Tool.

You can also supply a type of content called Checklist. This where people tick off a checklist of items. This will also include offering a free checklist in PDF format, where you simple as each person for the name and email address to get the free checklist, and in turn you get their name an email address added to your mailing list, so that you can then continue building your brand to your growing target audience.

Ideally, you want to mix it all up and do a mix of all of the above.

You want to recipe your content into the following 10 Content Marketing Commandments

  1. Word Count – See what your competition is doing. Improve on that
  2. Tone – Be positive and mimic you audience
  3. Introduction Framework – You need to start with an enticing introduction
  4. Triggered Section – This is the body of the content full of problem solving content
  5. Solution – Giving the actual solutions to the problems highlighted
  6. Subtle Intent – Offer subtle suggestions (Complete Musketeer Intent to understand better)
  7. Business Wins – Give step by step easy and quick instructions
  8. Internal Links – Interlink your website heavily to improve your site rankings
  9. Personalization – Add in your own business flavour in order to stand out
  10. Sources – You must site references. Google any term + type in data / statistics to get sources

Now, go check out to Neil Patel Training and download the 10 Commandments of Content Outlines, then create your own outline based on the commandments worksheet and finally, review your competitors content with these content marketing commandments in mind.

Please go read and learn how to do content editing. Our articles are short and too the point.

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