Competitor Content Strategy

Competitor Content Strategy

Learn from your competition in order to super charge your content.

Take what works and put it on your website.

There are a few steps

  1. Go to Ubersuggest and put in your competitors domain. You will then see a report.
  2. Click on backlinks which will show you who is linking to your competitors content. These are pages that people are linking to because they offer people value. You will see the linking site and what page it is pointing to. Now you will know what is working.
  3. Next click on Top Pages and look for the popular pages that is driving traffic from social shares, backlinks and estimated visits from Google each month to that website (click on view all to see all the keywords that drive traffic to that page
  4. Go and check out your competitor’s website. See what they doing and signup to their email newsletter or something that they may be offering. Then you will get ideas on what they are doing, and you will get creative ideas on where you can take your content marketing

So simply go and study what your competitors are doing on their sites to see what they are doing with their content by going through the steps above. Then you will have a solid insight into exactly how your competitor content strategy is driving traffic to your competitor’s websites.

Go to Neil Patel training and download the WordPress SEO cheatsheet so that your WordPress site is optimized for SEO. Also create 1-2 customer personas and create a good list of keywords, otherwise, you are going to end up having a competitor content strategy that very few people are going to see and read.

Find out how to start your link building process.

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