Branding Methodology

Branding Methodology

Branding Methodology

A brand is a perception and a collective impression that people have for a product.

For example, McDonalds has a perception of being happy and family orientated and food with speed.

You will probably associate Nike with sport and inspiration and achievement.

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What is your brand story? What are people going to say about your brand? What would people say about your brand if they had to read about it in a book?

Your brand story needs to consist of 4 things

  1. What your brand says about itself
  2. What your brand does in the world
  3. What others say about your brand
  4. How others interact with your brand

In order to build your brand, you need to offer a consistent message over time.

You want to know how you are going to intertwine your brand story cohesively that makes it really simple for your customers to understand.You need to discover you unique solution for your Market – Complete the Unique Selling Proposition worksheet and complete the Unique Value Proposition / Bigger Contribution worksheet

Establish how your competition positions themselves – Go to Facebook ads library or What Runs Where to see what your competition is doing and what ads they are running. Also, go check out their website and sign up to their newsletters with a dummy email address. Attend their sales calls, webinars. Basically get a feel of their whole Marketing Mix to get an idea what is working and what is not working.

Now you will have gained intelligence to create your own system that is different to their system (otherwise you will simply be seen as a copycat and you will then not really have any brand of your own) so that you stand out from your competition as unique!

Now that you have your unique position in the eyes of your customers that they love, you need to deploy your brand effectively. By completing the worksheets and the exercises as mentioned above, you have a lot of insights and now you can use those insights throughout your entire Marketing Mix such as your SEO, your total tags, your sales copy, your website design, your product design, your style of sales calls, customer support, videos, emails etc. It all needs to align. Everything is about the User Experience) for your client, including your product packaging, sales letters, ads on TV, and speaking to someone on the phone.

This all affect the perception that people have of your brand.

All of this comes together to allow you to affect your specific pricing demands. An amazing experience and relationship with your customer attracts a premium pricing strategy. This then results in the most amount of profit for your business. Effective branding will also increase demand for your products, and people then won’t even hesitate on your product prices as your customer will having amazing experiences with your brand.

Now please go and complete your Bigger Contribution Worksheet as well as craft your USP & UVP and filling out your Offer worksheet, and get yourself to be prepared.

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