How to enhance your customers Brand Experience

Brand Experience

Getting the top ranked positions on Google requires you to implement all the little SEO things together.

Step 1 – Understanding Your Market

You want to know that you market is good and growing. To figure this out, you need to do a market assessment.

From the business side, you need to establish your market size, market growth rate, market profitability and market trends.

Simply go and Google “Industry you are in + Market Size” or “Market Growth and the year” and you want to see revenue graphs indication a steady growth of market size over time until the present and into the future.

Also look at the GDP of that industry to get a good idea of the size and viability of that industry.

You now want to look at the “Top Dogs” in your space and you want to identify some really big players in this space. If there aren’t any, then this industry space could very well be just too small.

You want to be in HUGE spaces!

Next, research the BIG players and find out what they are doing currently with their marketing messages. Where are they pouring their money into for their products and services in order to offer their customers a great brand experience? Where are they going with their technology? This way you will get a very good idea on the market trends.

Besides getting information and data from Google, you can also get information and data from the Government like as well as financial data public companies. Look at their Balance Sheets and Income Statements and Cash Flow documents. You want to see positive cash flow statements to identify that the market space is generating profits.

Also watch Founder interviews as a great source of gathering information. You can go to a site called Leveling Up Growth Everywhere for such information. Listen to podcasts of your competitors. You will often hear what is working. Great!

Also look at trade associations. Look at Statista for data and charts with statistics.

You can also run surveys to your target market, or, you can find existing surveys that has already been done on your target market.

While you are doing all of the above, it is very important to keep track of all your information and the data sources. Then you will identify where you should be spending your time and effort.

From the human side, you want to identify irrational passions, urgency and pain points. One of these being good, two is better and three is brilliant. To get an idea of the above three items, go to Ubersuggest and type in any keyword related to that space. You want to see a high search volume.

A low search volume shows a lack of interest in that market.

People are generally much more likely to buy from you when you build relationships with people.

This increase both your sales and your branding, which is what you really want.

You want to know who are all the players n your space. What are they doing? Why do their customers support them? What are their main sources of revenue? You want to stack the odds in your favour with a much larger brand and through much better customer service. Or premium products, or under cutting your competition in prices. You want to do whatever it takes to win, without breaking the rules.

Step 2 – Positioning for Maximum Impact

The better your positioning, the better off you will be when it comes to your customers brand experience. Find any unmet needs of your customers, and find a solution for it. You actually want to be the gold standard in your industry, or be the cheapest or have a very unique solution. Having the unique solution really is where you want to position yourself.

To establish that you have a unique solution, you need to talk to your ideal customers. Take notes of what your ideal customers have to say. Things you heard on the news. What you read across all platforms. Things that make your customer happy or sad or what activities they like to do, places they like to visit. All to get to know your customer better.

You will get the best feedback from existing customers how you can remain better than the competition.

Go to Neil Patel Training and download the Market Research Data Sources and also download the Survey Templates in order to get the most data on people in a positive way, in order to help you to dominate your market.

Discover how to further develop your brand with some step by step methodology.

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