Learn how to build more Backlinks


You need to make use of specific tactics in order to get links.

Discipline and practise is important when it comes to link building.

To do well in SEO, you have to get good at link building!

Start off by downloading your Link Building Scorecard (Module 5) and fill it out. It will help you to stay on track.

Please remember that link building works for all industries.

Okay, so here are a few suggestions to help you build links to your website

Competitors backlinks – Type in your competitors domain name on Ubersuggest then go to the backlinks report to see all the domains that link to them. Now look at the “Follow” links because these are the ones you want. Then export this list and then open up that Excel sheet. Then filter the results by domain score where you want the highest number first. The higher domain score sites are the ones that will help you to boost your rankings. Also look at the referring page title to see if it is relevant to your website. If yes, then great approach them. If not, don’t waste your time as they will probably not want to link to you.

Successful content backlinks – Type in any keywords in Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas report and see the keyword overview section on the right hand side. Click on the top one and will get taken to another report which will show you all their backlinks. Click on that and look them up, look at their backlinks report and export their CSV file, and the sort that list out by domain score. 

Guest posting – This is where you come across content written by random authors. This means that site accepts content from other writers. Just look for news site that allows for many authors. Once you find the authors, you can Google their name and find all the places that they have written. Then go and connect with them on their social profiles. Thereafter, you want to reach out to them with a friendly email and a later follow up which offers them some constructive criticism about an article they wrote, because you are helping them become better. Eventually, you want to send the same person (whom you now have a connection with) a third email suggestion your article / an introduction to a decision maker

Google search specific keywords

Broken Links – You can check for this on Ubersuggest

Just always remember that you want to link to sites that have good traffic and that can improve your brand awareness.

Okay, now go to Neil Patel Training (Module 5) and download Search Operators, Find backlinks and fill in the Link Building Score card and finally, go and join 10 Facebook groups and start joining the conversation to get to know people and also to open more PR and link building opportunities.

Learn how to do Link Building Outreach.

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