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Brands like yours work in partnership with SEO Lion who will help you with search engine optimization solutions that will increase your traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.

Before we get going at SEO Lion, you need the following checklist to be completed:

  • Website build structure
  • Website design structure
  • ✔ Google Analytics
  • ✔ Webmaster Tools
  • ✔ XML-Sitemap
  • ✔ Google Verification code
  • ✔ Google my Business site
  • ✔ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • ✔ Mobile-friendly
  • ✔ Social media

Don't worry we can help with this

SEO Lion starts off your journey from a simple and straightforward base of analyzing 3 basic elements. The first element that we cover is a site audit of your existing website. The site audit allows us to gain an overall idea on what level your SEO is at now. The second element that we look at is Google Webmaster Tools which gives us some more intelligence about your current website. Thirdly, we look at your Google Analytics. These three elements provides us with an overall understanding of where your digital footprint is currently. With these three elements analyzed in conjunction, we can then identify what we need to focus on improving going forward together. This all takes time and you will need to commit a minimum of 3 months to 1 year of SEO services to realise your competitive advantages.

SEO services tailored for you.

The digital landscape is expansive and ever-changing which can make it hard to navigate. Using our years of experience, SEO software and platform tools, we help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.

Site audits

We analyze your site structure and content, uncover any technical SEO issues, recommend and implement improvements. You need to know how much traffic you were getting before and after implementing Search Engine Optimization.

Backlink analysis

We help analyze your digital footprint and help you build brand loyalty, and by growing a quality industry-focused link profile over time you will gain traction, the opportunity for new client attention, and increased traffic.

Rank tracking

We analyze and improve your site’s keyword ranking performance and overall visibility, ensuring the right industry keywords are in place, which leads to targeted site traffic increases over time.

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