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Brands like yours work in partnership with SEO Lion who will help you with search engine optimization solutions that will increase your traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.

Before we get going at SEO Lion, you need the following checklist to be completed:

  • Website Designed and Developed
  • ✔ Google Analytics
  • ✔ Webmaster Tools
  • ✔ XML-Sitemap
  • ✔ Google Verification code
  • ✔ Google my Business site
  • ✔ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • ✔ Mobile-friendly
  • ✔ Social media

Don't worry we can help with this

SEO Lion starts off your journey with a simple analysis of 3 basic elements. Element one is a site audit of your existing website. The site audit allows us to gain an overall idea on what level your SEO is at now. Element 2 is a look at your Google Search Console data. Element 3 is a review of your Google Analytics data. These three elements will provide us with an overall understanding of your current digital footprint. Kindly consider a minimum 3 months commitment to SEO Lion services in order to realise your competitive advantages online.

SEO services tailored for you.

The digital landscape is expansive and ever-changing which can make it hard to navigate. Using our years of experience, SEO software and platform tools, we help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.

Content Creation

SEO Lion will conduct a deep keyword analysis and provide you with the most suitable search engine optimized keywords to use in you main website as well as in all your blog articles going forward. SEO Lion also does a top pages and keyword analysis on your competitors, thereby giving you solid online intelligence on the players and your current position in your industry space.

Link Building

SEO Lion will submit your website for citations and conduct a link building outreach programme on your behalf. This will increase your website Domain Score and improve your Google Authority. Google loves to rank trustworthy brands very high, and Google does this to websites with Google Authority. You need to achieve Google Authority.

SEO Management

SEO lion will manage your individual website page optimization for each and every one of your main website and blog pages. We will also manage your Google Search Console and Google Analytics dashboard helping you to achieve your online goals and gain new customers for your great business.

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All about SEO.

At SEO Lion we believe in educating and placing our customers on a firm foundation during their 3-6-9 month journey with us. Our customers become empowered to take control of their own SEO management. Together with "Industry Captains" our blog educates our readers with a number of SEO techniques that we cover with our clients.