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Increase traffic, rankings, & visibility in search results.

SEO Lion will grow your digital footprint..

Allow SEO Lion to grow your domain score so that you can attract more customers to your business.

Before we get going at SEO Lion, kindly check that you have the following checklist completed for your website:

  • ✔ Google Analytics
  • ✔ Google Search Console
  • ✔ XML-Sitemap
  • ✔ Google Verification code
  • ✔ Google My Business
  • ✔ Secure Sockets Layer certificate
  • ✔ Mobile-friendly
  • ✔ Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

Yes we can help you with this

SEO Lion will grow your domain score so that you can attract more customers to your business. We achieve these goals by identifying the perfect keywords for you to use in your blog articles. SEO Lion will then promote your latest blog articles to all your top competitors current links partners, thereby resulting in your website domain score and your business brand growing across both Google and the various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We use a combination of "paid" third party tools as well as some savvy to work out how best to improve your digital footprint. These processes follow a rather systematic yet bespoke-by-industry approach, and these processes generally takes about 3 months for foundations to be laid. We advise a continuation of SEO Lion services for another 3-6 months for maximum value gained to your business, and after that you should be good to control your own SEO thereafter.

SEO services tailored for you.

The digital landscape is expansive and ever-changing which can make it hard to navigate. Using our years of experience, SEO software and platform tools, we help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.

On Page Optimization

Conducting deep keyword analysis and provide you with search engine optimized keywords to use in your website and in your blog articles offering you maximum online visibility for your specific industry. Making use of Yoast Premium to ensure each of your website pages are SEO friendly with competitive industry-specific keywords in place.


Submitting your website for citations. This will increase your website Domain Score and improve your Google Authority. Google loves to rank trustworthy brands very high, and Google does this to websites with Google Authority. You need to achieve Google Authority.

Link Building

Ongoing link building outreach programmes that promotes your latest blog articles. We will target your competitors existing links partners who have high domain scores. This will grow your website domain score over time and help you to attract new customers for your business.

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All about SEO.

At SEO Lion we believe in educating and placing our customers on a firm foundation during their 3-6-9 month journey with us. Our customers become empowered to take control of their own SEO management. Together with "Industry Captains" our blog educates our readers with a number of SEO techniques that we cover with our clients.